Thursday, September 16, 2010


Halloween is starting to unveil itself already in our local stores. This reminds me of two particular costumes I had as a kid. My earliest costume was an authentic, traditional Korean dress with matching shoes that my parents bought for me when my father was stationed in Seoul. When we moved back to the States, I wore that lovely silk dress with all its striped colors and tiny, pointed toe shoes for years before I just wouldn't fit in it anymore!

My next costume after that was much more basic: a Caspar the Friendly ghost costume consisting of a plastic mask and a matching plastic drape. The kind with the mask that made your face feel moist, hot and cold all at the same time. My mother didn't sew, as you might presume. Didn't matter, Halloween was always full of anticipation! So, here's an early reminder that it's just around the corner...

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